When to use a Solar Powered Blind?

March 27, 2016
Introducing the new Solar Battery powered battery pack which is now available with our remote control roller blinds. The solar battery pack consists of a solar panel that is mounted internally at the head of the window to harvest solar energy which is stored in a NiMH rechargable battery. 

Here is some guidance as to whether the solar pack is suitable for use on your blind installation.
Does the Somfy solar pack require direct sunlight?
The solar panel does not require direct sunlight in order to charge the battery, it harvests the energy of natural ‘daylight’ to replenish energy consumed by the roller blind motor. 
What about dark winter months?
The rechargeable battery acts as a ‘reservoir’ of stored energy. The battery stores enough energy to power the blind even through seasonal variations of available light.
Where should I mount the panel?
The system will perform as described providing that the solar panel is mounted on the inside pane of a single/double glazed window and in a position that provides an unobstructed path to capture natural light. Windows with trees or vegetation blocking the light will probably not be suitable.
Is there any restriction on glazing type?
Single or double glazed units. Glass with light transmission as low as 65%. Windows with films or similar "barriers" to light may not be suitable.
Can the solar pack be used on any building elevation?
The Solar Pack can be mounted on windows that face North, South, East or West orientations. 
Are there any limitations on the number of times per day the blind can be used?
The solar pack will provide power for one up-down cycle per day.
What about blind size?
Recommended Maximum Blind Height is 1.5M.
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